How To: Buy A Small Business

Congratulations! If you are reading this, you are either considering buying a business or have already started the process. Buying a business is exciting, but there are a lot of moving parts to look after. Having an experienced team to guide the process will help ensure that the purchase will proceed as smoothly as possible.

We have put together a series of posts which will give an idea of the flow of how a purchase proceeds: the Offer, the Review and Finalizing.

Part 1: Make an Offer to Buy a Business

Part 2: Review a Small Business (Due Diligence)

Part 3: Finalize the Purchase of a Business

HOW MOMENTUM CAN HELP: Get in touch today to receive a FREE CONSULTATION on your purchase. Our experienced team can help you navigate the entire business purchase process from start to finish. We offer flat rates for a small business purchase, which allows you to budget this cost with no surprises. We provide business transition advice and help connect you with supporting services to start your new business with confidence. We can help you prepare the Offer to purchase the business, conduct the legal review of the business, complete the legal paperwork, negotiate any of the missing pieces and close the transaction smoothly.