virtual services for small and medium-sized companies

Every small business should have a good set of clear and simple contracts. These contracts will help the business to run smoothly and to avoid costly mistakes and disputes. By working with Momentum virtually, you receive actual legal advice, with the speed and convenience of working from where you are.

If you are unsure about our process, or how this all works, you can check out our Virtual Momentum Info Sheet.

Incorporate (standard):

You are ready to incorporate and don't fit the "express" option – this is for you! 

Cost: $625 + 3rd party fees

Incorporate (express):

If you are ready to incorporate a "numbered company" with one class of shares, have no business partners (or other shareholder) and aren't moving an existing business into the new corporation, this is for you! 

Cost: $400 + 3rd party fees


Employment Agreement:

Any small business which has employees should have written employment contracts- they make the employment terms clear and can protect the employer.

Cost: $800

Shareholder Agreement:

If you are incorporating, or have a corporation and there is more than one shareholder of the corporation, a Shareholder Agreement will protect both the business and the shareholders and provide a mechanism for people joining and leaving the business. 

Cost: $1200


Services Agreement:

This agreement should be used when one business provides services – either on a one-off or a continuing basis. It will help ensure that the beginning, middle and end of the agreement are all clear.

Cost: $800

Contractor Agreement:

Many businesses use contract workers instead of employees for certain work. This agreement will help establish the correct relationship and protect the interests of your business.

Cost: $800


Catering Agreement:

This is a simple template agreement for a catering company to use with its clients. 

Cost: $800

Confidentiality Agreement:

A confidentiality agreement is crucial for situations where you are sharing proprietary business information, such as exploring a business partnership, sale or investment. 

Cost: $400


Creative Design Agreement:

This is a simple template agreement for a business who provides design or creative content services (e.g. website design, marketing materials, graphic design). 

Cost: $800

Course Agreement:

This is a simple template agreement for a business providing courses to students

Cost: $800


Photography Agreement:

This is a simple template agreement for photographers to use with clients. Cost: $800

Employment Termination Letter:

Momentum works with you to understand your obligations to the employee and we provide you with a Notice of Termination letter and guidance on the process.

Cost: $500



when you're unsure: LEGALIFY

Sometimes legal agreements or needs can be unclear or difficult to identify. When that happens you can come to Virtual Momentum to help figure out what legal services best fit the situation.