Virtual Momentum

Want to access Momentum services without leaving your couch? You are in the right place!

How It Works: Answer a few questions for our team, we will follow up with our intake form and any questions we still have, and we are off to the races! If you do not currently see a category that fits your need, just get in touch with us to discuss.


This set of virtual services are for start-up technology or services companies.

for small and medium-sized businesses:

This set of virtual services are for small and medium businesses.

Need More Details?

Here's the step by step:
  1. We will collect your answers to some key questions and use your answers to prepare your document. We may follow up with some additional questions. 
  2. If you aren’t already a Momentum client we will check for any conflicts, and if there are none we will send you our client intake form and retainer agreement – all done online! (Please note that we will require that you upload identification - this is a Law Society requirement.).
  3. We will send you our account for services and you can pay online. 
  4. We will send you the document and work with you on any changes you need to the document (reasonable changes are included in your initial fee!). We can schedule a call or video conference with you (and your team) to discuss the document and any questions you have. 
  5. If you have multiple people signing your document, we can help you by sending the document for e-signature.