Sometimes, law is the worst. 

Well, not the law, but how we practice law.

For a fairly smart bunch of folks, lawyers are slow to innovate. It's a new millennium with palm-sized computers in everyone's pocket, but lawyers are still printing documents at rate that could clear-cut most forests and demanding that clients drag themselves through rain and snow to stuffy offices to put pen to paper. In an era when people want things faster, cheaper, simpler, and more environmentally-conscious the old model just doesn't make sense. 

At least, that's what the team at Momentum Law thinks. So we set out to try something different. 

Introducing: Momentum Law Labs

Momentum Law Labs is a technology company separate from Momentum Business Law, striving to create and support innovation solutions which will help lawyers help businesses grow. Momentum Law Labs does this in several ways:

  • Developing technology solutions

  • Investing in technology solutions

  • Providing innovative solutions for business law firms

  • Managing technology platforms for law firms

CURRENT PROJECT: We are beyond excited to be extremely close to bringing to market our DIY+ project, Gain Momentum. If you want to read up on it, you can do via our founder, Megan Cornell’s LinkedIn posts. Interested in investing in Law Labs? We have a current investment round open and would love to chat with you about it - you can reach us at