Megan Cornell

Megan Cornell


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  • Employment (HR)

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  • Professionals

  • Social Enterprise & Not-For-Profit

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Megan spent the first decade of her practice working in Big Law, learning what all sizes of businesses in all types of industries need to succeed. Along the way, Megan developed a philosophy of client care, which is based on clients driving the firm and its direction. Megan kept a close eye on technology developments and knew that technology could be put to better use to provide more timely, more accurate and more affordable business law services.

In 2012, Megan decided to bring her philosophy and technology together to create Momentum – a new kind of business law firm dedicated to providing complete business law solutions to clients in a way that works for clients. Megan believes that Momentum needs to grow and evolve at the same pace as any other business, and welcomes the continuing evolution of business and the business of law.

Megan has advised all sizes of businesses at all stages of their business. She has represented large, publicly-traded companies, small, local businesses and foreign-owned companies with Canadian subsidiaries. Megan’s clients have been in the financial sector, industrial sector, services sector, technology sector, retail sector and professional sector. Megan believes that all businesses require the same things from their business lawyers: clear and correct solutions to their business issues, delivered in a timely and cost-effective manner.

In her spare time, Megan volunteers with different organizations in the community, including local business organizations, not-for-profits, her children’s school and political groups.