We understand that our clients want (and need) their legal matters resolved at the pace of business. As a result, we have created a number of online forms, which help us serve you in the most efficient manner possible.   

  1. General Intake Form: Get easy stuff out of the way first. Let us know who you are and how we can help. Then we can delve into the meat of your matter and get started on resolving your legal issue immediately.
  2. For Profit Incorporation Questionnaire: So you want to incorporate your business? Give us some instructions on how you would like the company to be organized.
  3. Non Profit Incorporation Questionnaire:
  4. Professional Corporation Questionnaire: 
  5. Corporate Organization Questionnaire: You've already incorporated a business. Congratulations! Let's create a Corporate Minute Book to ensure that you're meeting your record-keeping requirements.
  6. Shareholders' Agreement Questionnaire: A Shareholders' Agreement is like a Marriage Contract - set some ground rules for your relationship. More importantly, determine how you will deal with relationship breakdown at the outset of your relationship.