Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.
— Warren Buffett

At Momentum, we believe that a trusting relationship between legal team and business starts with transparency in fees. To ensure transparency, we agree on fees with you in advance - there are no surprises. We fit our fee arrangement to each client and their needs: we offer fixed-fee project pricing, monthly retainer agreements, hourly engagements and other tailored arrangements.

To keep fees affordable, we are continually improving our own efficiency and we use technology to assist us in that goal. We keep our overhead low. Our team works collaboratively. We use a project management model to operate as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. We don't add hidden overhead fees to round out our bills. We also provide flexible payment plans and a number of payment options, including online payment. 


Many documents are prepared on a fixed-fee basis, which includes working with you and your team to ensure that the documents are right for you.  We call this "project pricing" and many of our clients work with us on a project basis, engaging us as they need assistance with a project.

Examples of some of the fixed-fees we offer include:

small business

  • For Profit Corporation: $1100*

  • Professional Corporation: $1400*

  • Annual Corporate Compliance: $500

  • Shareholders' Agreement: $1,500

  • Contractor Agreement: $800-$1200

  • Employment Agreement: $800-$1200

  • Lease Reviews: ~$600-$1400

  • Sale or Purchase of a Small Business: ~$5000-$8000

(*Includes 1st year Corporate Compliance Package, applicable government and third-party filing fees, and charges are additional)

Get in touch with us to get a project fee quote!

start up package

Our Start Up Documents Package is tailored to get companies off the ground with the right set of legal documents and advice in the early stage, gearing them for high growth with an affordable and predictable fixed fee package with flexible payment options. Most importantly, we act as part of the early stage advisory team. Most plans are ~$5000 and include a tailored set of documents which usually include some of:

  • Incorporation, Shareholder Agreement, Stock Option Plan, Founder Agreements, Initial Investment Round Documentation, Contractor or Management Agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreement, Review of Site/ App Terms and Conditions.


Momentum works with many of our clients as an integrated part of the business team. Through an ongoing monthly retainer, set according to the needs of your business, we are available to answer questions, provide support and add value as one of your key advisers. 

value for service:

Clients can elect to work with Momentum on an hourly fee basis, receiving support throughout projects at a set rate, with fees estimated in advance and transparency if project changes may lead to increases in fees. Momentum integrates project management and technology-based efficiency to ensure that your project is delivered on time and at a reasonable rate.

Gain Momentum:

In our efforts to provide an increasing number of options for small and medium businesses to access top-quality business law support, we have introduced "Gain Momentum" - an innovative offering which provides a guided "Do It Yourself" platform for certain legal documentation. Full Momentum Law services are just a click away.

Managed corporate services:

Momentum Law provides high quality, efficient and cost-effective managed services on a monthly subscription basis - working to support your existing legal team: general counsel or outside legal. We use various platforms to ensure that your enterprise team has access to current company information (including shareholder and Board information), human resources documentation, due diligence reviews, transaction closings, template automation, minute book management and more. Full Details can be found here: Managed Corporate Services.