Dorota Turlejski

Dorota Turlejski


  • Personal Legal Services
    • Wills (Standard, Dual & Contested)
    • Powers of Attorney
    • Probate (Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee)
    • Estate Administration
    • Living Wills
    • Residential Real Estate

Dorota is an estate and real estate lawyer based in Ottawa, Ontario, who provides complex personal estate planning, trust and real estate advice to our business clients. Dorota practices through Uplawed and is counsel to Momentum.

Dorota rounds out Momentum’s service offering to our business clients by providing comprehensive personal legal services, which include: wills; substitute decision-making documents (powers of attorney); estate planning; estate administration; estate freezes; passing of accounts; purchase and sale of new homes, seasoned homes and condominiums; mortgages; title changes; and survivorship applications. 

Before law, Dorota completed graduate studies in couple and family therapy. Dorota's background has informed her drive to serve her clients in a caring, attentive and efficient manner. This is what inspired her to practice law differently and what makes her a perfect fit with the Momentum team.