Momentum Business Law was created because I believe that all sizes and kinds of businesses deserve access to high quality, efficient and affordable legal services. Equally, I believe that all workers at the firm should participate in the direction of the firm and have a hand in guiding its values. As allowed by law, I believe that all workers at the firm should participate in ownership of the firm. Finally, I believe that legal advisors to businesses play a unique role in supporting not only the firm’s clients, but the local community as a whole.

Businesses play a pivotal role in the communities in which they operate and in the communities in which their workers live. The workers at a business form the fabric of the surrounding community, and the business impacts the entire community through its presence. Local businesses should be supported and encouraged in their role in the community.
— Megan Cornell, Founder and CEO

purpose and values

Momentum has three core values: quality, efficiency and transparency. We strive to provide businesses of all sizes with a range of legal service options, and to ensure the affordability of high-quality advice. At Momentum, we believe that our workers and our clients should be valued equally. We also believe that every business can have a positive impact on the community in which it operates.

client relations

Momentum exists to provide high-quality, efficient and transparent legal services to businesses. Our relationship with our clients is based upon our utmost respect for the hard work and sacrifices involved in starting and running a business. However, we also believe that respect is a two-way street. We expect that our clients will treat our team with a corresponding level of respect.

  • Pricing: We have dedicated our business model to providing transparent, flat-rate pricing for "projects," so clients are never surprised by their legal bill and can budget for legal costs accordingly. This model is employed primarily for the purpose of fairness, but also to build trust in our lawyer-client relationships.
  • Efficiency: Momentum seeks to continually improve the efficiency of our legal services by using the latest technology and processes. Each new process we adopt is assessed on the basis of the client experience. These efficiencies should always be aimed at allowing us to continually improve our client experience and lower costs. 
  • Choice in Service: A key mandate for Momentum is to provide choice for our clients. We offer clients different formats of legal services at difference price points, and give them the opportunity to combine formats, as needed. It is our mission to provide access to the broadest range of service offerings and costs.
  • Small Business and Startups: Momentum believes that small businesses and startups have unique legal needs and require customized service offerings. We work with small businesses and startups to get them the legal services they need to keep their businesses operating efficiently, while minimizing legal exposure.
  • Termination of the Client Relationship: We consider respect a two-way street. If a client continually treats any member of our team with a lack of respect, we will take steps to care for our team member and may sever the relationship with the client.


  • Ownership: Momentum values the contributions of all of its workers. At Momentum, we understand that the success of the firm, and our ability to contribute to our clients and community, is tied to our ability to recognize the value that our workers add to the business. As a result, we give our workers an ownership stake in the firm, where permissible by law.
    • Lawyers: All full-time lawyers employed at the firm will be provided with the opportunity to become shareholders of the firm within one year of starting employment. That ownership stake will increase over time. All shareholders of the firm are entitled to be elected to the Board of Directors.
    • Non-Lawyers: Momentum also greatly values the contribution of its non-lawyer employees and recognizes the value which non-lawyers contribute. If, in the future, the governance rules of the Law Society of Upper Canada are changed to allow non-lawyer participation in the share ownership of the corporation, Momentum will adopt a non-lawyer employee ownership policy. In the meantime, Momentum will advocate with the Law Society of Upper Canada to bring about such change.
  • Working Conditions: Momentum believes in a supportive, safe and rewarding work environment. Momentum Business Law Employment Policies include the following key employee supports:
    • Flexible work day and work location policy, supported by technology to allow for such flexibility;
    • Unlimited Paid Time Off Policy;
    • Enhanced Employee Benefits;
    • An Anti-Violence, Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy;
    • Grievance Process;
    • A statement in support of the right of employees to organize and bargain collectively;
    • A commitment to training and support for employees; and
    • A commitment to a diverse hiring practice.
  • Participation in Decision-Making: Every member of the Momentum team - lawyers, non-lawyers, students and contractors - participates in the firm's decision-making. All team members have input on decisions regarding firm policies and procedures, client service offerings, client management, marketing, and procurement of goods and services.
  • Open Financial Policy: Momentum has a policy of openness with our team regarding the firm financial operations. Employees have access to firm finances and participate in financial decisions. Momentum believes that this promotes an understanding of the impact our firm is having, a better understanding of our client relationships and a firm grasp of business operations.


Momentum is committed to sourcing products and services in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • We are committed to supporting local business and will give priority to suppliers who are headquartered in the same community as Momentum;
  • We are committed to supporting businesses that provide their product or service in a way which minimizes environmental impact;
  • We are committed to choosing products that minimize Momentum's environmental impact;
  • We are committed to supporting businesses which strive to have a positive social impact;
  • Momentum will follow all of the laws of Canada when doing business in foreign jurisdictions, and will not accept or provide excess hospitality, or partake in bribery; and
  • Momentum will endeavor, at all times, to avoid sourcing products from any entity that employs child labourers. 

dedication to community

  • Community: Momentum is dedicated to being an active member of the community. This means that we are always looking for new ways to support community-based business organizations and local businesses. It also means that we encourage all Momentum team members to volunteer their time for community efforts and/or become involved with causes that they are passionate about.
  • Donation of Time and Funds: Momentum is committed to giving a minimum of 5% of our time and 2% of our profits back to our community. Momentum supports team members volunteering 5% of their work hours to non-profit work. Momentum also donates a minimum of 2% of our corporate profits to community or non-profit organizations. At the end of each year, Momentum team members will be asked to provide their personal suggestions for donation recipients and will vote on where to allocate the corporate donation funds in that year.
  • Sponsorship: Momentum is committed to sponsoring events in our community. We put particular emphasis on sponsoring events that support and promote: small business; startups; student entrepreneurship; entrepreneurship in under-represented or disadvantaged groups; local business and locally-sourced goods; and STEM education for under-represented students.
  • Environment: Momentum is dedicated to reducing our firm's impact on the environment. Momentum has reduced the consumable resources used at the firm and seeks to replace consumables with products that result in the smallest environmental impact. We seek to locate our offices in environmentally-conscious buildings, and strive to source goods and services that actively audit environmental impact in an effort to reduce the same. Further, we provide our services in a manner which reduces the need for clients to travel to our office or print multiple copies of legal records, namely, by providing virtual and paperless alternatives.


This Code has been voted on by all team members and adopted. All new team members will be provided with a copy of the Code and adoption of the same is a condition to employment.

assurance, reporting and reviews

The Chief Operating Officer of Momentum is responsible for monitoring adherence to the Code. At the end of each quarter, Momentum will conduct an internal assessment of adherence. Areas of challenge and opportunities for improvement will be discussed and actioned.

At the end of each year, Momentum will conduct an audit of our adherence to the Code. All team members will be provided with an assessment tool to measure their individual adherence to the Code, as well as their reflections on firm-wide adherence. All team members will be invited to suggest operational challenges to assist with adherence to the Code and will be given an opportunity to promote enhancements thereto. The Chief Operating Officer will provide a report to the entire Momentum team regarding adherence to the Code. This report will be made available to the public on an annual basis.