Momentum assists ACMPR and Cannabis Act applicants and licensees at all stages of their company - we help your business grow. We also assist Ontario based companies explore the retail opportunities for Cannabis sales.

The continued expansion of cannabis use for treating medical conditions, combined with the looming legalization of recreational cannabis use has led to a boom in the number of Canadian entrepreneurs joining this exciting new industry. 

Companies looking to obtain a license to grow and sell cannabis in Canada have unique challenges and opportunities. Financing of a new company is critical, pacing development during the license application is delicate, and setting up the right team to ensure execution and success is critical. While cannabis companies are currently operating in an investment-rich environment, the number of license applicants and hopeful hobbyists is growing daily and therefore investment targets are facing greater scrutiny.

In Ontario, the retail regime has been opened for private operations to participate, but regulations regarding that regime haven't been released. We are closely monitoring the developments in this area and keep our clients up to date as announcements are made.

Our Momentum team advises licensed producers, license applicants, investors, retail industry, innovators and other industry participants on the full range of legal issues impacting this high growth industry.

We assist with the set up of the company, being responsive to investment needs.

We help navigate the rapidly changing regulatory environment.

We provide guidance as you manage your team, and connect you with our extensive list of industry experts and advisers.

We advise and plan for the various routes to success in the industry.

As one of Canada’s most innovative business law firms, we have both the experience with a range of cannabis ventures, and the expertise in the core areas of business and law, which will help you to establish a solid foundation in the cannabis industry. Our processes for operating the legal side of the business are fast and efficient, so that our cannabis clients can get back to innovating and expanding in this high growth and rapidly evolving area of business.

Or feel free to  get in touch with us HERE  if you have any questions.

Or feel free to get in touch with us HERE if you have any questions.